Passion with a Purpose

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The Mission


     Passion for artistry and technical excellence has fueled my desire to train aspiring artists to be intentionally bold, dynamic, creators of art. I strive to induce artists to reach for a level of performance that extends beyond themselves and then more so. It is my purpose to nurture what is unique about each artist and to create works that represent my unique, creative voice.  


Teaching Philosophy

Studio to Stage

          I have had the privilege of being an instructor of Modern dance for over twenty years, sharing my passion for dance, as well as a standard for technical excellence, with countless numbers of aspiring dancers. As I have grown and developed into a passionate instructor, I have come to consider it an honor to contribute to the technical and artistic development of dance artists.

          My goal as an instructor is to inspire creativity, encourage physical exploration, and minimize timidity and apprehension. Through my instruction, students are encouraged to take risks in an atmosphere that is as much challenging as it is supportive. In addition to instilling modern technique and principles, my teaching methods are infused with elements of “playground” antics, designed to foster the audacity to attempt new things without fear of error. I find that students are often surprised and elated when given the opportunity to run, tumble, jump, roll or turn with abandon and therefore push the boundaries otherwise penned in by the fear of making mistakes. These outcomes are accomplished through a class environment that balances technical discipline with high energy and humor. I believe that laughter is a suitable companion to hard work and serves as a form of anesthesia during the rigors of training. My intention is to minimize insecurity and inspire hard work while encouraging students to think artistically as well as technically. Through my instruction methods, I impart the principle of “making everything something”, resulting in performance level quality during all class exercises. I believe that the studio is our stage and that every class should be approached like an audition. I strongly emphasize that artistry that is cultivated in the studio can only then be magnified on stage.

          There is no greater form of evaluation than the notes and reports of accomplishments from my students. Teaching aspiring dance artists is a responsibility that I cherish and I am aware of the significant role I play. The impact I have and the examples I set as an instructor affects dancers for generations. In all my years of teaching I have grown to love and respect this privilege and its significance in the lives I touch.